"When you combine fabulous photography with hand-made books and prints, you've created a story for future generations."

Once upon a time, I was pursuing a doctorate degree in history. I was in love with stories of the past.

I still am.

Today, as an award-winning photographer specializing exclusively in wedding celebrations of all faiths and cultures across North America, I work with couples like you to tell the story of the new family you are about to create.

After more than a decade of storytelling, there are a few things that I've come to believe quite passionately about the art of wedding photography.

I believe in telling the whole story, so your big day will be covered from start to finish, from getting ready to the late-night sweet table.

I believe in the power of personal portraiture, so we'll set aside some quiet time for one-one-one and small group sessions.

I believe in a comprehensive yet discreet approach to documenting the spontaneity of each celebration, so you'll notice that I listen as much as I watch when special moments are unfolding.

And I believe that images are created to be shared, so I always include a gorgeous, custom-designed and hand-made book that tells the story of your celebration.

In the galleries elsewhere on this site you'll discover that I love what I do. I invite you to take a few minutes to explore them. 

Your story is waiting to be told. How can I help you tell it?